Zapper NFT Thread

Season 1 of Zapper NFTs is over with season 2 on the horizon. We know crafting NFTs is on the way. What other uses can these NFTs have for the community? How can we increase their value? A thread for discussing how we can innovate and bring more utility to Zapper NFTs.


as most NFTs draw value from utility, i suggest that the Zapper NFTs utility comes with use of the Zapper DApp. i notice a co founder mention the ability to message other wallets and an NFT avatar as your wallet pfp. why not allow NFT holders of certain cards unlock new and desirable features. i know Zapper has been growing everyday and finding new ways to connect and onboard ppl into DeFi. so i have no short sight on what innovation this team can bring so feel ppl will chase newer NFTs for the ability to open the world of DeFi for them in ways we have never seen before.